Sunday, October 17, 2010

Destination Wedding Photographer

Tamara and Fernando - Santiago, Chile

If you hop aboard a Boeing or Airbus and fly south for 8 hours and 15 minutes, you'll arrive in Santiago de Chile. Flanked by the snowcapped Andes mountains, the city of Santiago is picturesque with moderate climate, making it an ideal location for an outdoor wedding.

The ceremony took place in a naturally lit old church perched atop a small hill. The walls showed signs of cracking and damage from the earthquake that shook the city in February this yea r - a reminder of the fault line way down below.

I absolutely love outdoor weddings. Not only do you get beautiful naturally lit photos, but the sense of openness and constant fresh air create the perfect mood. You simply couldn't ask for more perfect conditions for this lucky couple's reception.

I've become a fan of the Chilean Cueca dance after watching it in action throughout the night. Among the entertainment were the locally famous Chilean folk band Los Huasos Quincheros, a pair of professional Cureca dancers, and a beautifully performed Michael Jackson - Billie Jean break-dance.

So if you're thinking about having a destination wedding abroad - I'd say go for it. You'll likely get an amazing value, a whole lot of culture, and if your destination is anything like the gorgeous landscape of El Pregon, you'll have the Andes mountains as your backdrop.

Enjoy the photos, and a special thanks to Tammy and Fernando for making this experience an especially memorable one. You guys are awesome!

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