Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm really not that good at award speeches, so I'll keep it short. THANK YOU to all my clients, fans and those who follow my work.

Third year in a row!

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hot Air Balloon | Wedding Anniversary

So how are you gonna rock your first anniversary? Well, Diane and Tracy turned out to be quite the thrill seekers and after jumping out of an airplane (they call this skydiving), they decided they wanted more!

Imagine 2 million BTU's of heat filling up over 20,000 cubic feet balloon, lifting you up a few thousand feet in the air. When the weather is great, daybreak is gorgeous on the ground. It's absolutely spectacular when you're gently floating through the sky.

If you haven't done this yet - you should certainly put it on your list. South Florida's ballooning season is nice and long and you'll want to book with Balloon Miami to ensure a safe, educational and fun experience that stays true to the heritage of the sport. Mark Kersten is an experienced pilot with an extremely friendly attitude. He's a master of both land and air, and perhaps more importantly - absolutely loves flying.

Happy Anniversary guys, and thanks for letting me document your adventure!

If you just can't get enough, here's some more hot-air for you: Hot Air Balloon Photos.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Farwah and Bilal | Fort Lauderdale Shaadi

Shaadi's hold a special place in my heart. Everything from the make-up, the formal wear, the music and the rituals are ever so familiar to me. For those of you who notice details more than others, there's a reason why my logo has the colors it does ;)
A special thanks to Mr. Muhammad Azam of the Marriott Fort Lauderdale for letting me use your beautiful venue as my canvas. I sincerely appreciate your hospitality!

To Farwah and Bilal: Boht, boht mubarek ho!

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