Monday, September 6, 2010

The Engagement Sign-in Book - Tammy and Fernando

Engagement albums are a great way to show your fun side. As a wedding photographer, I enjoy shooting engagement sessions as much, if not more than weddings. It's a relaxed atmosphere where you have the freedom to just be yourself. Do what you normally do, and be in your comfort zone. This setting also allows me to tap into the essence of photo-journalism, which is my niche.

An e-session is personal, intimate, and tells the "behind the scenes" story of the couples chemistry. It is sure to strike a chord in everyone's hearts. You can capture those emotions by transforming your book into a sign-in album. Displayed at the entrance of your wedding reception, or passed around during your cocktail hour - it's sure to generate a buzz.

I have the privilege of photographing Tammy and Fernando's marvelous wedding set to unfold in Santiago Chile. Before I hop on the flight to the southern hemisphere, I photographed the couple enjoying life, right here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Here's their album. The white spaces are to be filled with the blessings of the couple's adoring guests.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Match Truly Made in Heaven - Valerie and Alex

Valerie and Alex were smiling from the moment I met them. After getting to know them, I quickly found why they have so much to smile about. These two are as happy go lucky as a couple can be. Always cracking jokes, on the lookout for new ways to have fun, and simply enjoying life.

I spent the first half of the day at the pair's quaint home nestled in a suburb of South Florida - Kendall. It was really nice to take my time and capture some stress free images of the bride while she was in her comfort zone. One thing I did noticed - I never, and I mean never, had to ask Valerie to smile. She carried the has biggest smile and the most infectious laugh throughout her entire day. As I put together this blog post, I even caught myself smiling a few times as I reminisced.

One of my favorite part of the day was shooting with the couple in their limo just before the ceremony. The reception itself, bathed in moonlight, sprinkled with Spanish music and dance, created the perfect ambiance.

Thanks for a great time guys, keep livin' it up! Oh, and GO PANTHERS! (couldn't resist - I'm a Florida International University alumni).

Go ahead, enjoy the photos... and maybe you'll find yourself smiling too :)

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