Thursday, December 30, 2010

Queensberry Albums - Q stands for Quality

Have you ever treasured something you own that carries more weight than sentimental value? A keepsake, or a piece family heirloom passed down. A piece of treasure you handle with love and care, but can't wait to share with those you love. Your Wedding Album should all of this and more. It's the story of your emotions, your passion, your life. It's your story.

Experiencing a Queensberry album is like opening a new present every time. Protected by it's velvety soft cover, you'll enjoy sharing it with your family, friends and your spouse. Designed by experts and built from the best materials available - the quality is simply unparalleled. There isn't a better album company than this.

Based in New Zealand, Queensberry has been hand crafting gorgeous albums for over 40 years. They have commissioned albums for royalty, celebrities, and those who love style. Apart from the outstanding quality in workmanship and materials, what drew me to this company, was the ability to customize albums to match my clients needs. With the virtually limitless dazzling color and material options, cover motif choices, and page styles - each album is custom tailored to be 100% unique.

People spend tens of thousands on their weddings, but sometimes neglect to take the time and effort to preserve the memories of one of the most important days in their lives. It's absolutely true that memories are timeless. Your wedding album will be passed down to future generations, and preserved as your family history.

I would like to share with you, the most beautiful album I have ever seen. I was asked to commission the following breathtaking album for Tammy and Fernando. In it's wide 18x10 size, this album has more than adequate room to showcase your most memorable moments. It exemplifies both classic and contemporary styles in beautiful Matte and Digital, flush mount pages. It's an absolute joy to sit down and open an album this size surrounded by smiling faces of those you love most.

Here are some features that the couple selected for their book:

- 18x10 wrapped in Natural Grain Brown Leather
- Futura Book blind embossed cover with the couple's name and wedding date
- Ivory mat pages, overlayed ( *six mat color choices available)
- Flush mount, digital pages
- Embossed flyleaf

To start creating your book, please get in touch to schedule an appointment. You'll be able to select from sample swatches, colors, and page styles to custom design your wedding album.

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