Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Phoenix Wedding Photographer | Jahzeel and Adam

I first met Jahzeel and Adam last summer when they were down in sunny South Florida shooting their engagement session. You can't deny the electricity between this couple. The magnetic attraction between the two is immediately apparent after spending just a few minutes with them. I knew their wedding would be something special.

It's always a delight and adventure shooting a destination wedding and Phoenix didn't disappoint. The sun-lit ceremony followed by the sunset reception provided the perfect backdrop for a fun and memorable wedding.

You know you've "arrived" when the groom's father stops you in the middle of the wedding and says: "I've been watching you all day, and I gotta tell you - you're the perfect person to do this job."

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Allison and Steve - Boca Raton

It's always a little extra special when you get the chance to photograph a friend's wedding. Allison has been a family friend for so long, I feel like we're siblings. Steve - take care of her, or I'll track you down! Alli - your wedding dress and you were made for each other, it fit you like a glove!

This is my second time shooting a Jewish wedding, and everything came back really quick once the ceremony got under way.

Thanks for making this so memorable guys, and Mazel tov!

Nod to Hassas

Sam - this one's for you!

Love this part!

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