Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tannah and Shawn

Hidden behind a winding roads, away from the busy streets, lies a quaint country club that features the soft rolling hills of a golf course. I live a mere 15 minutes from this picturesque venue, but never knew of it's existence.

November features some of the best weather South Florida has to offer. Tannah and Shawn worked tirelessly to get every detail in order, leading right up to their big moment. The ceremony was the most entertaining I have ever attended. The eloquent Rabbi delivered timely humor mixed with powerful, uniting words. Everyone had a smile on their face when it was over. This really set the tone for the festive reception.

Jewish weddings always feature unique characteristics that really set them apart: The Chuppah, blessings of Betrothal (drinking from the cup), signing of the Ketubah (marriage contract), blessing over the challah (bread), and finally, the Seudah (festive meal), to name a few.

It truly was a pleasure being part of this lovely cultural affair. Tannah's contagious smile and Shawn's kindness are sure to be remembered.

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