Thursday, August 11, 2011

Allison and Steve | Queensberry Wedding Album

Queenberry, based in New Zealand, is an old-school company that makes gorgeous hand-crafted works of art they call Wedding Albums. The company uses the best materials combined with experience and unparalleled dedication to their product that have earned them the title of being the top wedding album company in the world. To experience their albums is a joy in itself.

I had the pleasure of commissioning a trio of three albums for Allison and Steve. A beautiful 12x12 wrapped in the softest contemporary leather your fingers have ever rested on. The photographs are kept in place by clean-looking ivory matted pages. The couple wanted two identical digital copy albums as a surprise gift for their parents. The main album carries the names in a subtle, contemporary and very chic blind embossed Futura font. The 7" digital copies are a replica of the main album with the same soft leather, but with digital, photo printed pages.

If you'd like to experience these albums in person, set up an appointment and we'll start building a home to showcase your memories in style.

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